What is a massage gun?

A massage gun is a device that aids in muscle recovery through percussion therapy. 

What is percussion therapy?

One of the latest discoveries in sports recovery, percussion therapy involves using accelerated bursts of pressure into the tissues of the body, releasing muscle knots that alleviate back and shoulder pain, and can reach deeper layers of muscles than foam rollers or human hands. 

Is a massage gun just like a massage?

Yes, it's exactly like a massage, except percussion therapy can reach deeper levels of muscles than foam rollers or human hands can. Percussive therapy can desensitize the surrounding area of your aching muscle until the pulses penetrate the target area - it reduces the pain that we experience when too much pressure is applied on our sore muscle. 

Who are massage guns for? 

They are designed for anyone's use, but are most popular among professional athletes and fitness trainers.